The JKD Team

Our team of experienced sales administrators, designers, applicators, and logistics staff is here to help you achieve your packaging goals. From the initial concept and business modeling, all the way to the final products on the shelves, JKD can assist with every step.

Here to Help Every Step of the Way

Sales Team

Design Team

Application Team


James Holleman

Manager - Sales
James Holleman is Manager – Sales at JKD Brands and manages and supervises our Sales Administrators, accessory procurement, and customer service.  He has a background in sales and customer service.  James was born and bred in Anchorage and is a true Alaskan.  He enjoys photography, snowmobiling, gardening, 3D design, video games, boating, and travel.

Renae Thomas

Sales Administrator
Renae Thomas is a Sales Administrator at JKD Brands, assembling and processing label design orders, and handling accounts receivable.  She’s originally from northern Kentucky and grew up and attended school there.  Renae enjoys hiking, camping, and fishing.  She loves her job and the people she works with.

Michelle Tallada

Sales Administrator
Michelle Tallada is a Sales Administrator at JKD Brands.  She helps customers select products to fulfill their daily needs.  Michelle is originally from Tamuning, Guam, and also lived in Texas previous to her arrival in Alaska.  In her spare time, Michelle enjoys shopping, Netflix, and long drives around Alaska.

Sales Team

Here to assist you in placing orders, finding the perfect products, and beginning the custom packaging process.

We are the folks on the other end of the phone. Our team is here to answer your questions and prepare your orders. Whatever industry you’re in, we ensure that you get the packaging and supplies needed to operate. Contact us when you are ready to pursue custom packaging options sourced directly to Anchorage.

This is JKD’s front line. The search is over. Give us a call at 907-929-5838.

Audrey Chan

Manager – Business Development & Design
Audrey is Manager – Business Development & Design at JKD Brands and focuses on new opportunities and graphic design.  She is originally from the Bay Area in California and holds a degree in Graphic Design from Lassen College in Susanville, CA.  Audrey’s background includes marketing, graphic design, and business development.  Her hobbies include archery, camping, drawing, painting, music/jamming.

Matt Carson

Senior Media Developer
Matt Carson is a Senior Media Developer at JKD Brands.  In this role, he does just about everything including carpentry, equipment troubleshooting, graphic arts, and UV printing.  Matt has been with the company since the beginning of time, and he knows how to do many different jobs.  In his spare time, he enjoys spending quality time with his family.

Kat Connelly

Kat Connelly is a Designer at JKD Brands, where she specializes in packaging design and social media.  She attended Florida State University, studying theatre and creative writing.  Kat was born at Camp Pendleton, and has lived in California, Virginia, Florida, Hawaii, Rhode Island, and Germany.  She enjoys drawing, videos about baking, online gaming, and spending time with her cats.

Danielle Morgan

Danielle Morgan is a Designer at JKD Brands, focusing on package design, label design, regulatory compliance, and social media.  She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at UAA, focusing on watercolor.  Danielle is a practicing artist creating artwork in various media and forms, including jewelry making.  She is originally from California, was raised in Valdez, Alaska, and has also lived in Florida.  Danielle enjoys drawing, painting, video games (animal crossing), and camping.

Kiara Kaitchuck

Kiara Kaitchuck is a Designer at JKD Brands, integrating traditional art forms with digital art to create mixed media.  She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts focused on painting with a minor in psychology.  Kiara is originally from Anchorage and has also lived in California.  She enjoys painting, hiking, playing with her dog, video games, and family time.

Austin Magalong

Austin Magalong is a Designer at JKD Brands, specializing in photography, photo editing, web design, and motion graphics.  He attended UAA where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design.  Austin was born in California, raised in Unalaska on the Aleutian chain, and has also lived in Anchorage and Las Vegas.  He enjoys video games, outdoor activities, and working out at the gym.

Melissa Johnson

Melissa Johnson is a Designer at JKD Brands and creates packaging solutions, custom branding, and label designs.  She was born and raised in the Mat-Su Valley of Alaska and has been doing art since she was very young.  Melissa attended Laguna College of Art & Design where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design & Digital Media.  She enjoys playing video games, hiking, camping, photography, and her calico cat named “Kismet”.

Design Team

Here to design your next logo, your perfect label, and your custom packaging plan.

Our design team is a cross-section of creative abilities, from fine art and digital design to sourcing and pricing. We make your project look good, and get the details right!

When you bring a project to JKD Brands, we pick the best designer to fit your branding style and ethos. They work directly with you to meet your requirements – technical, artistic, and compliant.

Campbell Anderson

Manager - Warehouse & Production
Campbell Anderson is Manager – Warehouse & Production at JKD Brands, leading production activities, warehousing, and logistics.  He trains and leads his subordinates in automated equipment operation, safety, and operational logistics.  He attended Aims Community College in Colorado and worked at State of Alaska Alcohol & Marijuana Control Office prior to JKD Brands.

Kevin Story

Technical Specialist
Kevin Story is a Technical Specialist at JKD Brands.  As such, he handles UV printing, technical projects, carpentry, electrical work, and maintains our IT network.  Kevin holds an Associate degree in Computer and Networking Technology from UAA, and wealth of knowledge from his 22 years in the USAF.  He is originally from Houston, Texas, and has lived in Mississippi, the Philippines, Las Vegas, New York, Florida, and South Korea.  Kevin enjoys working on cars and home projects.

Garret Roy

Information Technology Specialist
Garret Roy is JKD Brands’ IT Support Technician.  As such, he routinely helps people solve IT puzzles, and spends his days untangling technology.  Originally from Olympia, Washington, he has spent much of his life around Anchorage.  In his spare time, Garret enjoys tinkering with cars, computers, and anything mechanical.

Myung Hee An

Packaging Technician
Myung An is a Packaging Technician at JKD Brands, specializing in label application.  She is originally from Seoul, Korea, and has lived in Alaska for 32 years.  Myung has previous experience working in the printing industry.  In her spare time, Myung enjoys cooking, gardening, and household chores.

Jordan Fredenburg

Packaging Technician
Jordan Fredenburg is a Packaging Technician at JKD Brands, where she performs label application, inventory, and operates the Ballymore manlift, pallet jack, and automated equipment.  Jordan is originally from upstate New York and has lived in Hawaii and Alaska.  She enjoys hiking.

Kate Hallstrom

Packaging Technician
Kate Hallstrom is a Packaging Technician at JKD Brands and performs label application, warehouse organization, inventory, and shipping.  She has a background in retail sales, customer service, cosmetology, and sanitation.   Kate is originally from Minnesota and enjoys camping, video games, and spending time with friends.

Application and Warehouse Team

Here to assist you in assembling, shipping out, and completing the label application for labeling orders.

We are always on the move so that orders are pulled and ready in “will call” or prepared to be shipped out as soon as possible. Balancing label application, pulling orders, and ensuring the smooth running of the warehouse are our priorities. Warehouse beautification is always on the to-do list. Our team works together to maintain each of the three warehouses we operate.

Our team is never idle. We are adaptable and are ready to jump in to help any of the other departments.

Kelly Dyer

President & CEO
Kelly Dyer is President and CEO at JKD Brands, focusing on strategic planning, sourcing, packaging design, and customer satisfaction.  She attended Gothenburg University in Sweden, where she studied Swedish language, and holds a degree in mass communications from Min Chuan College in Taipei, Taiwan.  Kelly has lived and worked in Taiwan, Sweden, Malaysia, Texas, and Alaska.  She enjoys real estate, cooking, and spending time with family.

Jim Dyer

Chief Operating Officer
Jim Dyer is Chief Operating Officer at JKD Brands.  His expertise and background include packaging materials & design, regulatory compliance, product management, product development, product sourcing, project management and engineering.  Jim attended Southern Methodist University where he earned a degree in Electrical Engineering.  Over the years, Jim has primarily lived and worked in Alaska, Texas, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, and Jamaica.  He is originally from Kansas and enjoys playing guitar.

Josephine Dyer

Director of Operations / Board Member
Josephine Dyer is Director of Operations at JKD Brands, leading the sales, warehousing, and production teams.  She attended UAA where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in International Logistics and Supply Chain Management.  Josephine has lived in Texas, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Alaska, and speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese.  She enjoys hiking, kayaking, camping, building furniture, making jewelry, collecting rocks and fossils, and taxidermy.

Cameron Kuhle

Board Member / Advisor
Cameron Kuhle is a Board Member / Advisor at JKD Brands.  In this role, Cameron manages the design group and works with prospective customers to determine how we can best fulfill their needs.  He is a life-long Alaskan and discovered cannabis at a late age.  Cameron is a self-taught Adobe Creative Cloud enthusiast.  He enjoys hiking, biking, snow skiing, snowshoeing, growing cannabis, playing with his dog, and is an ethical vegetarian.

Leadership Team

Here to assist you in defining your pathway to success!

JKD Brands’ leadership team has over twenty years of experience in packaging design and product development.  Kelly and Jim are ready to assist you with your project whether large or small, and they look forward to working with you to navigate from initial concept to finished product launch.  Packaging and presentation are key parts of each product’s image and viability.  Our focus is to make your products compelling and attractive at an affordable cost.