Your JKD Team

Sales & Warehouse

The Sales and Warehouse Department centers on delivering top-notch customer service and optimizing warehouse operations. Sales Administrators adeptly manage transactions and customer support, while Warehouse Technicians expertly handle inventory and streamline deliveries.

Accounting & Procurement

The Accounting and Procurement Department plays a pivotal role in upholding accurate financial records. With a focus on precision and transparent communication with clients and vendors, the team ensures billing accuracy, timely collections, and strong vendor relationships.

Design & Production

At the heart of our company's creative endeavors lies the Design and Production Department. Guided by our dedicated Department Manager, the team collaborates seamlessly to craft inventive packaging designs for both our in-house production and vendor-partnered projects.


Our cohesive Leadership Team, consisting of administrators, directors, as well as our CEO, COO, and valued board members, steers our small company with a shared vision. Through their collaborative efforts, we navigate growth and chart a successful course for our future.

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