Custom Packaging and Design

The JKD Brands design team is experienced in making functional and fashionable packaging that is regulatory compliant. Have a project that’s not packaging?  We can help with that, too. We’re conveniently located in Anchorage, Alaska – just a phone call or a few miles away, and no need to worry about time zones. See some examples of our projects below.

Start Your Own Custom Packaging Project

Our design team includes graphic designers, mixed-media artists, and technical experts. We’ll handle your project in its entirety; from meet-and-greet to artwork to sourcing, you’ll work with the same team. We know the local business, and regulations from local to federal. Work with us to make your products attractive, your Nutrition Facts compliant, and your company message clear.

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Whether you’re looking for a unique product or wanting to start a custom packaging project, JKD is here to assist.

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