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Packaging Services That are Compliant, Custom, and Convenient

JKD Brands can assist with every step of your packaging process, from initial concepts to finished product. Whether you need a simple sample, an elaborate lineup of custom products, application assistance, or label application - we’ve got you covered.

Design and Packaging Solutions

Our designers are experts in packaging, labels, logos, branding assets, web design, and advertisements. They’re not just artists – they can also handle the technical details specific to your products.

We know getting things shipped to and delivered in Alaska can be costly. That’s why we work directly with our customers to find the best and most affordable solutions.

In-House Printing

Need labels fast? We specialize in low quantity, high quality packaging solutions. Explore our selection of packaging options we carry, choose a label size, and decide on a label design. We will print labels for you in-house!


Never worry about hand applying labels yourself again! We have an expert application team you can count on. We also have specialized label machinery to apply things quickly, accurately, and precisely. When you choose us, we deliver your packaging fully assembled. The only thing left to do is packing up the product and sending them off to retailers.

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Wholesale Shopping

JKD Brands sells packaging, labels, and retail products wholesale to Alaskan businesses and manufacturers.

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Labeling and Custom Packaging Design

Contact us to start a labeling or custom packaging project today. We can do everything from simple warning labels, to fully customized packaging.