Custom Packaging and Design

Leave all your competition in the dust with designs custom tailored to your vision, your values, your brand.

The JKD Brands Design Team can take on any artistic project you want to start. You know your brand and customers best but we can help you go further. Make your business really shine with all the best packaging and design. We can design and source all types of custom packaging, from mylar bags to boxes and more.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today and get a custom project started!

The JKD Design Process

01. Initial Meeting about Brand and Idea Exploration

Things start with a meeting with your designer. During the meeting, you will brief the designer on everything you want to do. You’ll discuss budget, timelines, and project goals. All options will be explored for what we can do for you.

The designer will learn new customer’s brand aesthetic, design style, and values. For returning customers, the designer will reconfirm what they know and learn about the brand’s growth.

02. Concept Creation and the Design Process

After your designer gets all the details and facts, your ideas will come to life. Your feedback is the most important thing throughout the design process.

During this stage, the designer will go back and forth with you to fine tune the design. Designers always do as many revisions as it takes. We work hard to ensure satisfaction and prevent design surprises above all.

03. Final Approval, Production, and Delivery

After final design approval, production can begin. While production can immediately start after confirmation for smaller projects, a partial downpayment is needed first for larger projects.

One of our vendors will print your new packaging. You are always updated without delay if there are changes to the production timeline given. After production, we coordinate the product’s delivery to your door.

Logos and Branding

Your brand identity makes you stand out from the crowd– don’t trust your branding work to just anyone. We do it all, from helping new brands established to upgrading existing ones. No project is too big or too small.

Our team can do a variety of things, such as createing logos, labels, stickers, posters, packaging, and more. If you can think it, we can do it. We’ll design something you and your customers love. Not sure where to start? We’re happy to help meet you wherever you’re at.

Custom Packaging

JKD Brands also offers product sourcing and production services. It can be difficult to coordinate between designers and vendors on your own. But that’s never an issue when working with us– our designers always work with vendors and factories so you don’t have to.

Who doesn’t want effective and affordable packaging? Never settle for good when you can get great. Custom labels make your products look nice but custom packaging is the next step. Great packaging attracts the customers you want. Be better than the competition and make your brand stand out by going the extra mile.

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